I ❤ Manchester

Just thought I should say a few words about the terrible atrocity earlier this week. My heart goes out to all the people affected by this, all those for whom this was their first concert, all the parents who will now worry even more. So many will be hit by the emotional shrapnel of this bomb.

Manchester is a great city, full of lovely friendly people, who will not be cowed by this and, as has been seen in the press, will rally round with that defiant, bolshy northern spirit that will always prevail. Adam Hills was spot on, as usual, on The Last Leg, maybe as an Aussie he can view how the British react with a slight distance.

When something like this happens I wonder how many will subconsciously become wary of crowded areas, how many may always be wary of attending events? Edinburgh in August will be packed with peoples of many nations and religions celebrating the arts in all forms. I hope people will feel able to come and enjoy themselves, though we may all have a slight wariness. After all, if a pop concert full of young people is not offlimits, then ??? I shudder to think.

I ❤ Manchester,  I ❤ life.

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