About Bruce

A moose ponders

A moment of contemplation at Dr Neil’s Garden.

The name’s Bruce and I live for the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s like Christmas for me, the anticipation as the venue signs appear, posters fill every available billboard space and the big purple cow once again raises her legs and udders to the Edinburgh sky. There’s the almost 4 weeks of chaotic bedlam, and then it all gets packed away again, gone for another 11 months, the town feels empty and bare, and I’m sad.

And so I decided rather than bore all my Facebook friends, I would write a blog about my love affair with the Fringe, reminisce on shows long gone and generally go on and on and on about it. Maybe put in a few tips and recommendations of how to do the Fringe for those thinking of popping up. Maybe I’ll bump into you!

(Aaaand, as a blog isn’t just for August I’ll be regaling you with tales of life in Auld Reekie the other eleven months)