Twenty eight days to go!

That is, twenty eight days til the Fringe programme comes through the letterbox. Yes I know plenty of tickets are already on sale, but I like to do it the old way. I liked it when the programme came out then you had two weeks to work through it before the tickets went on sale. Mind, at least there isn’t the almighty queue on the first day of sales anymore, don’t miss that.

I did sneak a quick early look last year, it was for a good cause – to check where the ever delightful Susan Calman was performing and more importantly, was she doing any cheap previews?

So will she be back this year? Will Nicholas Parsons return for a few more minutes? Will Marcus Brigstock do a topical daytime show? Will Pip Utton be back as Maggie or Adolf?  I don’t know, but I will come 7th June.

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