Why, oh why?

Why ever did I start this nonsense? The WordPress University course said, check out other blogs, see what you like, be inspired! Or see them and run back into your cave, defeated by fear of looking ridiculous and amateurish in comparison with all the wonderful blogs on display.

Even as I just wrote that, I had a realisation, hang on, what about all those small shows that make up the Fringe? All the inexperienced, the first-timers, the folk who put every last penny into their show knowing they’ll leave Edinburgh totally broke, the little show in an out-of-the-way venue competing for audiences with thousands of other shows, do they give up and run away? No! They come to Edinburgh and perform their hearts out, they give it all they’ve got, faint heart never won rapturous applause!

So I shall prevail. Moose, like some bears, may have very little brains, but I shall rise to the challenge and blog on!


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