The buzz begins

Edinburgh is starting to buzz. Bright young things are everywhere getting venues readied for next week. Already a lot of the recently erected hoardings are filled with Fringe posters. The Saturday papers are giving their tips of who to see at the Fringe and International Festival. The Times even had a two page spread about Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine, in the accompanying picture Burns looks like so mild mannered, that or he was quite bemused that The Times wanted to interview them.

The purple cow is once more in George Square Gardens (Bristo Square is actually just finished, so either they weren’t able to guarantee the completion date or cows are no longer welcome, and it’s now a circle rather than a square), a few days ago it was just a large purple blob but I assume the extremities will be inflated by now.

Vans clutter up the streets outside venues as all the Fringe paraphernalia is delivered and set up. Traffic will be lucky to get up to 20mph in some streets, complying with the new speed limit won’t be too difficult through August.

The small supermarkets around town will be full with newly arrived theatricals giddy with excitement at being here at last. God, the queues at the tills will be a nightmare, as will trying to get served in pubs. On the plus side, its fun recognising famous people in Tesco’s and seeing what’s in their basket!


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