Aaaand suddenly it’s Sunday!

My, doesn’t the time go fast when I’m having fun! So far so good, no turkeys yet. Eleven shows since I last tuned in, I did mention I do a lot of previews, didn’t I? And that Assembly resident’s offer has been most useful. Just earlier today I saw a marvellous play at the Assembly Rooms in the Drawing Room, To Hell in a Handbag  (The Secret Lives of Canon Chasuble and Miss Prism), and I’ve just noticed from the flyer that the two actors, Helen Norton and Jonathan White also wrote it, a most talented pair indeed. It was quick-witted and charming, their performances were brilliant, a wonderful hour well spent. And not just to get out of the rain!

On leaving the venue, young eager stewards made sure we didn’t deviate from the route out of the building. Assembly may be using bits of the old Assembly Rooms, but it’s a far cry from what it was, can’t really say I’m keen on the George Street takeover. It is obviously very popular but I’m just an old town/southside kinda moose.

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