Just another Wednesday night…..

I should be tucked up in bed after a great evening of two or three preview shows on the first day of this year’s Fringe. I’m not, there were no preview shows, there is no Fringe 😒😭


There’s no purple cows wandering around in George Square Gardens. There’s nothing in George Square Gardens, no overpriced beer, fancy food stalls, no venues inflated or wooden.

2017-08-20 12.33.38




The Royal Mile is sooo quiet and while it’s nice not having to factor in another fifteen minutes to get anywhere, I’ll miss the more entertaining flyerers and those bearing candy!




No hoards of folk still up late hanging around Bristo Square, like moths attracted to the bright lights of the Pleasance Dome.




And no Library Bar πŸ˜”2016-08-29 23.40.39

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