Bruce goes to the movies II

So that’s another film festival done and dusted. I was pretty pleased with my choices, two retro, two Russian sci-fi, an Aussie musical, vampires in Hong Kong and crime in Japan and Taiwan, fairly global. EMO the Musical was a delight with it’s typical brusque Aussie humour and biting wit (think Tim Minchin), there’s something wrong if it doesn’t get at least a limited release here.

The two Russian films were subtitled but I think both Attraction and Guardians had dubbed versions. Guardians is superheroes Russian style, which is fairly cheesy but lots of fun with some pretty good special effects. Attraction was much the superior film for me, though I’m not sure the heroine would have been so inclined to help the alien if he hadn’t been such a hunk.

The Mole Song – Hong Kong Capriccio from Japan was my final film today and a fine finale it was. So colourful, crazy and full-on following the exploits of an undercover cop involved with a Yakuza boss and his teenage daughter.

My best film though has to be Time Bandits this afternoon. Daft, dark and utterly brilliant.

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