Nah, it’s not really that inconceivable that I haven’t posted for a month, not if you know me – life, huh; but what is inconceivable is the sheer brilliance of The Princess Bride on the big screen, oh I’ve watched it many times, but tonight I saw it in my local cinema for it’s 30th anniversary outing. Wow! Awesome!

It was almost sold out, you could feel the love in the air, the anticipation of favourite lines, THAT sword fight! Memories of first renting the video from Blockbuster so many years ago, Peter Cook exclaiming “Mah-widge!”, the Albino rasping, “You are in the Pit of Despair” to then clear his throat and say it again, oh how we howled with laughter realising it was Mel Smith, but none of us guessed Billy Crystal, though now he doesn’t look that different from Miracle Max. Whatever happened to Fred Savage? (loved The Wonder Years) and the wonderful Peter Falk, perfect as the Grandfather.

This was an “all round to mine for lasagne with plenty of wine” film, my lasagne was rather a hit. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was another that we discovered in the video store, both became cult classics. I do remember a chum who was a fencing coach waxing lyrical about the swordfight (then he would always go on to the sword fight on ice in one of the Musketeer films – the Michael York et al ones) pointing out what made it so brilliant, usually rewinding it to watch again.

There’s wit and humour, derring-do and pathos, drama and slapstick, and one of my favourite lines ever….

“Hallo, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!”


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