A work in progress

Goodness me, how time flies when you’re having fun! Just have time to give you a quick rundown of shows so far – before I have to run back up to the Gilded Balloon for another one.

First night, top show was Russell Howard: Work in Progress what a lovely lad still and blimey it was 2007 when I last saw him at the Fringe, before all the fame on the telly. In second place comes Rob Kemp: The Elvis Dead, more on this show later, but if you like the film Evil Dead II and old Elvis songs, go see it! In third place on the first night, sorry guys, The Pin: Backstage. It was still very good 4☆, but at times it felt a teensy bit lame which was a shame because most of it chugged along fine with brilliant flashes from time to time.

Thursday I managed four shows. No obvious order of brilliance here, Games by Henry Naylor was more of his usual, minimal stage, thought-provoking, powerful female performances – go, watch, learn. Belly of a Drunken Piano at the Assembly Rooms, if you like Tom Waites you’ll love it, if you don’t you won’t. My highlight was Martha, it’s so long since I played it. Next up Felicity Ward: Busting a Nut, a bundle of neurotic joy! One of my favourite Aussies. To finish the evening with a bang Thrones! The Musical!  Definitely more on that later!

And that’s only up to last night! There’s another five I’ve seen so far today, and two more to come!!

Onwards and upwards!

Who are you?

Day four suggests I identity my audience. Moose lovers! Edinburgh fringe-goers past, present and future, be you a fringer or fringee (though I’m not sure which are the performers and which the audience). If you like quirky, dark, slightly surreal, humorous, then I’m your moose. If you want gritty, social commentary, worthiness, sorry, but the Fringe is my escape from all that. I have been known to dip my toe in occasionally, like Henry Naylor’s last three works, all three were riveting and discomforting and I’m glad I went off piste for them.

As the time draws nearer I shall offer advice on how to sift your way through the programme and find those nuggets of gold. And maybe I might figure out how to show you some of my old fringe pics! Ho hum.