There’s trouble at’ mill!

There was I all pleased with how quickly I sorted my choices to see at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018, ten tickets bought so I got the 35% discount, woohoo. All marked up on my calendar after a trip to darkest, dampest Yorkshire next weekend. Then this morning I gets a text, oh dearie me, someone failed to organise the piss-up in the brewery and I may have to head south the weekend after I had planned i.e. the first weekend of the Film Festival when I was going to see five films! Aargh!!

Yes, someone forgot one of the fundamentals of running an event – book the venue! Never assume, don’t put it by because it’ll be fine, turns out it isn’t fine at all, and everything’s been printed for that day, everyone’s expecting it that day, it’s traditionally that day! I’m hoping against hope that the situation can be resolved to restore tradition – and my films.

My initial reaction was, well I won’t be able to come down, but my second was a heavy sigh and acceptance that yours truly has to be there to help make it happen. Really, they couldn’t manage without me! I can still make the first film if I shorten my trip and the other tickets with my discount cost just £7.80 each so I reckon I could find takers for them.

So what will I be missing? Friday was to be humerous horror night with The Devil Outside then Bloodfest late on, Saturday’s film is Mug, a Polish film about a guy who receives a face transplant, it’s “a farcical comedy drama” and Sunday’s is Supa Modo about a young Kenyan girl who is terminally ill who believes she has superpowers. Supa Modo is the one I’m  most unhappy about missing but hopefully it will resurface with a limited general release in the UK at some point. You never can tell what will or won’t get picked up for distribution or how long it can take to appear.

My remit for EIFF tickets is films that most likely won’t get shown at the multiplex where I have an unlimited pass. At one time it was films that were unlikely to get any release in the UK but now that the tickets aren’t as comparatively expensive compared to usual cinema prices, it’s cheaper for me to see films at the Festival than at the Filmhouse the rest of the year.

Ho hum, it would be a shame if I had to miss the films, but as they say,  worse things happen at sea. Aaand, it’s now after midnight, later on TODAY the full Fringe programme is officially out! Yayyy!!!

Toodle pip!

One sleep to go

Where has the time gone already? Tomorrow the full Edinburgh Fringe Programme for 2017 is released. Ooo, I’m looking forward to hours of trawling through it, really it is fun.

I’ve just been going through the Edinburgh Film Festival programme but not a lot is leaping out at me so far. As I save all my spare pennies for the Fringe I don’t have a lot to spend on the Film Festival, and if you think cinema is pricey generally, Film Festival prices are higher still, though the difference is not as much as it was a few years ago. I do like going to the cinema and have an unlimited card for a nearby multiplex, so any film that will get a general release later is not worth paying to see (with some noteable exceptions like Hunt for the Wilder People and Serenity). Then there are the films that will obviously make it back to the local arthouse cinemas, also usually discarded.

The one film that I do intend to go see so far, is in one of the retrospective selections, Repo Man from 1984 directed by Alex Cox, haven’t seen it in the cinema but had it for years on video recorded from moviedrome on BBC2 with an intro from Cox himself. Man, that is one odd film, but like anything with the great Harry Dean Stanton in it, well worth watching.