Harold, yes, Chris, no, Elsie, yay

I was at the cinema last night to The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, oh it was so good. Harold is played by Jim Broadbent, one of our finest actors, a perfect piece of casting! I read the original book a few years ago and Jim Broadbent is just how I pictured Harold, with his gentle manner and slight bewilderment at situations. His wife is played by Penelope Wilton, another of our finest, the two together really show how it should be done!

There is, as usual, a lot cut from the book to fit the story into a movie time frame but the essentials are there. If you happen to see the film and enjoy it, you really should read the book; if I happen to see a copy in a charity shop I’ll definitely by buying it for a second read. The film seemed to be hardly on for any time in cinemas but it won’t lose anything on a smaller screen so do catch it on whatever stream you fish in.

The previous evening I popped out to see Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, hmmm. Not something I’d bother with without an Unlimited card but the reviews were quite good – erm, reviews by folk who haven’t seen many fantasy adventure films before?! Yes, it was going be fairly generic but I was hoping the script and performances would sparkle, nope. Ok, I enjoyed Michelle Rodriguez, great to see her again, but Chris Pine, nope, nope, nopity, nope (still doesn’t figure how he got the girl in This Means War over Tom Hardy).

Two out of three, that evening between the North West twigs and Yorkshireland, I went to see Renfield, another film only in cinemas for a short time, it was my only chance to see it. So glad I did, Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult together, that only had my interest, but Nic Cage as Dracula?! Oh yeah. Hoult plays our eponymous hero, Renfield the putupon lackey of the vampire; he’s had enough and seeks solace at a self-help group for people in co-dependent relationships…..

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, very funny, sharp and violent; Cage being Cage and Hoult doing that thing he does so well, but with added action and violence. I could definitely watch this again and probably will. Renfield won’t be for everyone, maybe not someone who thinks Dungeons & Dragons is an excellent film.

Anyhow, I need to sort myself out, have a bite to eat, spruce up – I have a date with Elsie tonight! Yes, Logan’s Close are playing a sold out show at the Caves tonight, just over three years since the last time. So, so excited!

Toodle pip!